Artist Collective

This summer I was asked to be in a documentary film about artists that my colleague-turned-friend, Tim Fitzgerald orchestrated with myself and 4 other artists. I just wanted to share my bit and promote his work. {♡} It’s called Artist Collective: Artist Kollective.

“Artist Kollective is a series that takes an open look at the lives of four creatives. From the perspective of a painter, illustrator, animator, and scriptwriter; this film explores the insecurities and self doubt inherent in the creative process.” –Tim Fitzgerald


Essentially Sacred – Frankincense


Primitive, ancient, WILD and beautiful.

For as long as I can remember I have been called to the fascinating and exotic energy of Frankincense which used to be valued more highly than gold in ancient times. When I use it makes me feel called back to that time somewhere in my timeless soul. And an unexplainable sense of nostalgia envelopes me. It’s fantastic for the skin and soothing for the soul. It has also been known to support a healthy immune system and can reduce inflammation.




shadow dance

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.32.15 AM

I never thought it would feel like this, the way you take my shadows and make them dance.

Not as if to force them (but just by doing you with me, the way you do me and break through me) –the shadows can’t help but want to dance.

No longer can they be quiet or silent.
Exquisitely deep in tone –I see them–a flavor of darkness that makes tendrils of stardust visible and pulsing…

…in delicate spirals from my soul’s translucent skin. Its whimsical, viney vapors of nebulae-like light, spilling gold-flecks of luminescence on my entire outerspacial essence.

A sacred, star-riddled place: My own, private outer space.

I never expected you’d make me feel like this. Never in a Big Bang or a billion years of evolution and macrocosmic Universe’s expanding out to the endlessness-edges of my Wild Star-crossed Love.