MuaTuaKristi L. Stout is the Wild Woman behind She is Wild™.  It is her belief that inside each of us is our own Secret (or not so secret) Sacred Wild Nature. It is a hidden instinct that is not forgotten as much as it is dormant, like leafless trees in winter. Call it passion, call it love, call it animal, call it raw, call it nature. But if you listen hard enough you can hear it whisper, maybe even howl like a wicked wind or a wandering wolf.

It is the part of you that is connected to all things. The part deep inside that knows that darkness is necessary for the moon to simmer in silver and  recognizes that even if you’re lost in the middle of nowhere you can find a sacred somewhere –like an internal compass always pointing north to your heart-fire center. It is in these lost spaces that we come face-to-face with that sexy, passionate, uninhibited, purely Wild self.

The art you find on this page is inspired by that Wild Nature. Some call it running with the wolves. Some call it animal instinct or flying high where the sky is the limit. Regardless, we are all connected by this Nature. By this instinct which makes us all one and the same, yet different and complementary. May the art here encourage you and stir that gorgeous, wickedly, wild nature within you. Because you deserve to HOWL.

Heed the call of the Wild, for it will set you free.

Please visit my Labyrinth. It’s my current (massive) work in progress.

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He is Wild

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