MuaTuaKristi L. Stout is the Woman behind She is Wild™. Once upon a time, we were more connected to nature than we are now, and since we have been removed from Her, we have suffered for it, and so has She. Generally, we have been tamed into the freneticism of anxiety and depression, and succumbed to the expectations society has placed upon us as if we all fit one mold. But we don’t.

Just like Nature has a vast ecosystem of organisms flora, fauna, fish and fungi– they are all sacredly responsible for playing their part towards a very important balance, which operates perfectly as it was intended. We too, are part of this Nature.

The Wild therefore, is that visceral and often times unexplainable phenomena of feeling like we are part of something numinous: A living, breathing, sentient, Universe. Often times, our connection with it, is found in that shadowy part of our existence that usually gets dismissed or invalidated by our more tame and programed Self. The Wild is NOT tame. It’s raw, real, and often times vicious –but never evil. Nature is just Nature, She has no ulterior motive or conniving plot for personal gain. Only to uphold her ecosystem, which functions perfectly when all parts are operating wholly.

And if you are aware enough, you can feel the pull. It can come through the howl of a wandering wolf, or the wonder of a wistful wind, or in the fierce and fiery eyes of a falcon scanning the blue horizon. Let it pull you–like a compass trying to keep you on stride to your true north, for it’s drawing you back to yourself, it wants you to play your part in the sacred balance of the whole. Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable, but deep down, you know it is right. That knowing, is the Wild.

May the art here encourage you. May it also disturb you–like the darkness of soil does to a seed so that it might sprout. May it stoke the fires of your own Wild Nature, burning off the decay, and unleashing the nutrients needed for you to thrive! For the world needs you now, more than ever, to be wholly (holy) you.

Please visit my Labyrinth. It’s my current (massive) work in progress.

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He is Wild

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